Is city of Missoula prepared to deal with meth contamination?

Is city of Missoula prepared to deal with meth contamination?


Re: Sleepy Inn methamphetamine testing:

Does this buy/sell include a way out for the city when this property tests above threshold for methamphetamine?

Montana's strict rules for safe remediation levels for methamphetamine are currently set at .1 ug/100 cm2. One smoke session in a unit puts the property over the limit, and remediation for just one unit is likely to be tens of thousands of dollars.

It is unlikely that a single unit in this building will test negative for meth. It is also unlikely that after occupancy has begun that any of these units would continue to test negative under any sort of regular testing regimen.

Is the city prepared to test this property regularly and remediate it regularly to ensure that it is "safe"? In other words, does the city intend to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars regularly on remediation, or does it intend to provide housing that is not safe by state standards?

Montana's ultra-low state threshold for methamphetamine puts affordable housing at serious risk. California has put their threshold at 1.5 ug/100cm2, and after a thorough review of current science and research on the topic, New Zealand has recently set their limit at 15 ug/100cm2. Montana's levels are currently only obtainable after professional abatement, usually involving complete tear-out of carpets and removal of soft surfaces (furniture) and hard surface cleaning, costing tens of thousands of dollars per unit. To be "safe" by state standards, this procedure would need to be followed after every smoke session. The levels that California and New Zealand have set are attainable through basic cleaning measures such as carpet cleaning and a Simple Green wipe-down.

It is time for public housing advocates, real estate agents, landlords and hotel owners to unite to change Montana's methamphetamine levels to scientifically safe levels that are based on research and not on emotion. I ask that the mayor and the City of Missoula support these changes in the upcoming legislative session.

James Marquardt,


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