In what alternative universe can the Republican Party be seen as “defend(ing) workers and families of all stripes,” as the chairman of the Montana Republican Party recently hypothesized in a (Sept. 6) guest column in the Missoulian?

Don Kaltschmidt claims the Republican Party is “a party that stands for liberty, opportunity and prosperity for all,” ignoring the fact the the current Republican Party supports caging alleged criminal immigrant children and suppresses minority voting rights in places like North Carolina and Georgia.

He seems to be able to suggest that Republicans are “guided by the Constitution” without a hint of irony when his party’s president shreds the Constitution on a daily basis — the emoluments clause for just one example — and his party’s congressional leadership allows it to continue, failing its Article I responsibilities in asserting its legislative prerogatives and holding that president accountable.

Kaltschmidt does not mention the "elephant" in the room for the Republican Party and that is that it has chosen Donald Trump as its standard bearer to and that "trumps" anything else that could have claimed by the party, even in its wildest dreams of once being the Party of Lincoln.

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Kaltschmidt — and all Republicans — should be ashamed, as I suspect Lincoln might be.

James Wood,


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