I’ll be right there with persons like Roger Koopman (guest column, Oct. 2) in mistrust of ideologues who speak ex cathedra on any topic; the tyranny of the left detection is part of my feeler gauge toolbox.

That being said, Koopman clearly defines the fringe lunatics who have been here all my 77 years, but have been aptly consigned there until recently. They, and their Dainsian, Gianfortian, Stapeltonian, DeVosian avatars — inchoate, triumphalist believers that unfettered, predatory capitalism has answers to the climate crisis. Nor have the tin gods he sets up as “courageous scientists.”

I’m wholeheartedly opposed to demagoguery such as his, and the incongruity of him on the Montana Public Service Commission is truly a head-scratcher.

The times they’re a-changin’, brother Roger, and those 16-year-old "pawns" you don’t spend enough money on, well, ouveur and out.

Bill Shea,


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