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Donald Trump will go to jail. It cannot be avoided.

I say that as a matter of fact. He will be indicted and plead guilty to charges brought by Robert Mueller related to the Trump Foundation swindles and tax evasion and tax fraud once the special counsel gets around to addressing that rats nest of malarkey.

Members of his family will also go to jail, directly to jail. And this will be the result of the legal system doing its job unobstructed. Not some public opinion lynching without legal grounding; reference “Lock her up!” chants at Trump rallies. (Lock her up for what?)

The obstruction of justice charges that by this date must be too numerous to calculate, as there are new instances each day, will be brought to bear against this criminal enterprise in the White House.

Your man is currently under a total of 17 investigations. The state charges cannot be pardoned, so whoever will be next in line of succession to the presidency, possibly not Mike Pence, will not be able to pardon him. That will mean prison.

It’s a shame on our country. But, our laws apply to everyone. If you break them you pay the price.

Jerry O'Malley,


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