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Missoulian mailbag

Indeed an excess of wealth is not inherently evil. When people grounded in moral compassion make decisions based on intellectually rigorous, evidence-based analyses and share their good fortune in thoughtful ways, everyone benefits.

Your assessment of your own financial “success” fails to acknowledge the debt you owe your heterosexual white male privilege. In fact, your path has been cleared by women, by people of color and people who were not advantaged in their communities with political and commercial power. You have benefitted every day of your life by what you have not been burdened by because other people have been carrying your weight since the day you were born.

You state you worked hard for what you have; I guarantee you have not worked as hard as people not born with the automatic leg up that defines white male dominance hierarchy. You are “winning” a race in which you are given every advantage as a matter of course while everyone running alongside you carries weight and overcomes obstacles you do not even have to be conscious of.

I recommend you become conscious. Google "Understanding White Privilege" by Francis E. Kendall, PhD. Make it a better new year.

Nancy Byington,


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