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The Jan. 8 guest column by Tom Burnett and Paul Nachman is more of the tired whining characterizing Republican thinking all across the country: taxes are too high, we can’t afford to protect people who can’t protect themselves. The state might have to pay $90 million. Oh, the horror!

Ninety million dollars is not a financial outrage. Here are some genuine outrages: Donald Trump’s tax cuts will cost government revenue $5.5 trillion and raise the deficit $3.2 trillion over a decade. In 1950 the average CEO made 20 times as much as the average worker and in 2018 he made 361 times as much.

What Burnett and Nachman ought to do instead of making it harder for low-income people to get insurance is to make it easier for them to get jobs with decent wages. For instance, support the governor’s infrastructure program.

All members of our new Legislature who don’t support Medicaid expansion must refuse to accept the $900 per month Montana taxpayers provide them for their health insurance. To not do so would be rank hypocrisy and deserve to be widely reported.

Bill Ferguson,


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