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Letter to the editor: America under Democrat rule

Letter to the editor: America under Democrat rule

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A Capitol surrounded by a fence topped with razor wire, with thousands of armed troops for protection (housed in parking garages).

Control of mainstream media and social media sites by ruling party, with censorship of any dissent or claim of election fraud.

Soviet-style purge of all military to eliminate any opposition to the ruling party.

Disarm all civilians (Hitler bragged about this accomplishment).

Create voting rules and methods that will assure the ruling party wins all elections (“It’s not who votes that counts, it who counts the vote.”), as codified in HR1, the “For the People Act.”

“Cancel culture” to discredit and destroy anyone who disagrees with the ruling party.

Indoctrinating children with a false national history of oppression and racism.

Is this North Korea? Communist China? Cuba? Venezuela? Nope! This is our own USA under control of Democrats, who want to create a socialist dictatorship. Amazingly, our own U.S. Sen. Jon Tester supports all this. Is this what the phony claim of “unity” looks like? We deserve to keep the real America.

Philip Barney,


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