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Letter to the editor: Montanans now have less freedom

Letter to the editor: Montanans now have less freedom

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When I read the headline in the June 6 Missoulian — over the opinion column wherein three Republicans claim that the recent legislative session "resulted in more freedom" — I gasped.

What a textbook example of Republicans' gross hypocrisy. And lies.

In Helena, these three helped make obtaining legal abortions more difficult for women. Does that translate to greater "freedom" for females who, for whatever personal reason, choose not to carry a fetus to full term?

And their "freedom" for greater permitless carrying of firearms: What excuse will they offer the next time a pistol-packing drunk kills a roomful of innocents? That drunks' "freedom" to carry firearms outweighs their victims' right to live?

Further, these three made no mention of their legislature's attack on freedoms formerly held by transgender youth.

Even worse, they failed to cite Republican attacks on democracy's most critical freedom the right to vote. Indeed, if Republicans' "values" are really so great, shouldn't they want the maximum number of voters deciding their worth? Not fewer?

These Republicans' corrupt definition of freedom is the precise opposite of the word's true meaning. Thanks to them, Montanans now have far fewer freedoms than we did just last year.

John Russell,


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