Letter-writer had it wrong on Biden, Ukraine, impeachment and more

Letter-writer had it wrong on Biden, Ukraine, impeachment and more


Helen Sabine demonstrates in her letter of Feb 12 that she receives both her news and civics education from Fox media, which is notorious for equivocation (telling partial truths in order to foster deceptions).

Joe Biden's push to remove the Ukraine prosecutor was U.S., International Monetary Fund and European Union policy. Are we to believe that all of these entities, including Congress, were in cahoots to protect Biden's son? Some State Department officials warned of the “appearance” of a conflict, knowing that bad faith actors like Donald Trump and Fox would exploit it. They have.

The Constitution gives the House the sole power of impeachment. It does not have to follow any rules dreamed up by Fox News or crazy tea party members who are angry because they lost the election of 2018. As the elected body closest to the people, the House sets its own rules; it also has subpoena powers, which the president illegally refused to recognize.

Republican nut jobs were in every meeting, participated in the depositions of witnesses and then made a dramatic show to “storm” the soundproof “SCIF” (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) to falsely claim they were excluded. Roger Ailes, master equivocator, must be smiling up from hell.

Phoenix Mitchell,


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