Life is how you look at it

Life is how you look at it


Life is how you look at it. I look at a glass and see it as half full, knowing I am the only one who will fill it. Others look at the glass and see it as half empty and wonder when their brother, dad, friend or the government will fill it. Those people are called Democrats. Some people look at America and realize that this is the greatest country on Earth and thank God that they live here. Others look at America and say are we ever going to be great. Those people are called Democrats. Some people look at a statue of Washington, Jefferson or even a great Confederate general and say these were great men with faults but they were great men. They created America and the free society we have. Others say these men are racists, and we must tear down this statue and erase history. Those people are called Democrats. I was raised as a Democrat and my dad was the head of the Valley County Democratic party. I changed to a conservative when I received my first real paycheck and asked where the money was going and what were the values of Democrats?

Charles Brekjern,


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