Can anyone believe the corruption in our government with foreign leaders? Our forefathers would have had a few lynchings.

A whistleblower is very concerned about the dangerous activities going on between the president and a foreign leader; withholding money as a threat so that the foreign Ukraine leader will come up with dirt on Donald Trump's opponent. Totally corrupt Mafia tactics, and yet the cards are stacked in this administration with crooked players who don't abide by the law. This administration is so corrupt it makes Al Capone look like a novice.

The whistleblower law protects those who have some important information but don't want to be maligned and degraded or even threatened.

Voters beware, we are treading on very dangerous ground never before seen in the history of our country. Someone has figured out how to destroy our democracy and I don't think it is our President Trump; he is not that bright.

We do have a problem with the electoral college setup — it can also be tainted, but we must vote and get the word out to everyone. Our lands, our climate, our health, both financial and otherwise, depend on our loyalty to our country.

Kay Gervais,


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