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Congratulations to the winners in this week's primary. In the national races for House and Senate, you will have the choice of corporate tools from the red team and corporate tools from the blue team.

There are two other choices. On the right side of the political spectrum, you have the Libertarians and on the left you have the Greens. The Greens and the Libertarians will actually give you ideas and actual policy.

Listen carefully to what Team Red and Team Blue have to say. That's right, they say absolutely nothing. The only thing they got is "My team is better than your team." In reality, there is only one corporate team.

The purpose of this team is to do the bidding of the donor class and turn the people against each other. This is the plan of the money-hoarding psychopaths who actually run this country. Divide and Conquer. Tribalism is the weapon they use against us.

Yay, Team Red. Yay, Team Blue. We are all screwed.

Frans Swier,


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