We read much about crowding in Missoula, with record-high home prices and rents. I have suggestions that will end the problems created by Missoula’s population growth: Don’t change a thing. Just keep doing everything we’re doing, and the population will naturally decline:

Keep electing a mayor and city councilors who ignore our inexcusably badly maintained and dangerous streets and roads, causing untold property damage and even human injury. Make sure they leave the ubiquitous potholes all summer, and neglect rational snow removal all winter. Some people will leave.

For our university, keep hiring military experts who know nothing about education or university management, who simply dismantle it by eliminating important positions and programs, instead of investing in the future, improving standards and creating new scholarly options. New students will stay away in droves.

And keep electing corrupt Republican state legislators who bail out NorthWestern Energy’s foolhardy participation in the obsolete Colstrip coal project, simultaneously preventing the Montana Public Service Commission from regulating NWE’s expenditures on Colstrip — millions that’ll be passed on to customers. Skyrocketing electric bills will discourage new residents, and likely cause many Montanans to flee the corrupt system.

Results: Lower home prices and rents. But at what cost?

Bill Boughton,


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