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Missoulian mailbag

November is rapidly approaching and local government elections will take place. Mayors, councilors and commissioners will be voted into office.

Local elections are the one place where we can have the most direct impact on how we are willing to be governed and to what extent we distribute tax dollars within our communities.

Who we grant authority over us, trust we place in their decision-making, and confidence we hold in their wisdom to act in our best interest are paramount to the satisfaction we experience within our community life.

When casting votes, consider that local government officials may seek higher office. The ideology that drives an elected official in the local arena is the same one they will potentially carry with them to the legislature, statewide office or Washington, D.C.

Whether the ballot comes in the mail or must be cast at a polling place, laying aside the envelope or passing the precinct are too easy. Life’s demands, indifference, hopelessness: each of these can keep us from participating and drive us to inaction.

But the ultimate hypocrisy is to begrudge local government after being an election bench-sitter. This year, don’t let that happen. Please vote.

Edna Kent, chair,

Montanans for Limited Government,


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