Wikipedia states that the Mallard Fillmore comic strip has been “pulled” from numerous publications, usually because the strip depicts minorities, LGBT people, immigrants, etc., in demeaning ways. The Missoulian did not pull it. We are stuck with the duck.

Anyone who finds Mallard Fillmore, the duck, to be obnoxious should keep in mind that’s he’s not very smart. I have been told that ducks are smarter than geese, but that strikes me as a low standard. Anyhow, many of Mallard’s comments make no more sense than Mother Goose rhymes.

Given that Missoula is a college town, it’s especially unfortunate that Mallard, the duck, despises higher education. But there is a reason for his animosity. I happen to know that he is jealous of his brother, the popular mascot of the University of Oregon. His brother, incidentally, has an anger control problem; he assaulted the University of Houston mascot on a football field in front of a national television audience.

So, there it is. Low duck intelligence, jealousy and an anger management problem in the family. I guess the Missoulian staff tolerates Mallard’s vitriol because it feels sorry for him.

Merrill Hiscock,


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