The other day, I watched a new story concerning the Holocaust. Jewish persons are opening another museum to inform us about the hideous loss of 6 million Jews in the killing camps of Adolf Hitler.

I fully endorse the museum’s story and purpose. However, my question is: how many Jewish persons, along with others, know that 12 million persons died in the German camps during World War II? Who were the other 6 million persons?

They were “undesirable.” This included mentally and physically challenged individuals. Many persons were captured in other countries. Gypsies. People of color or of a race other than German. Religious, intellectual and social leaders. Also persons who attempted to stand up against Hitler and his reign of tyranny.

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We need to remember the 6 million non-Jewish individuals who should have their story told lest we forget how 12 million humans, not just 6 million, lost their lives in the killing camps of Hitler.

Patricia Waylett,


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