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Regarding Rep. Theresa Manzella’s accusations of teachers being communists, I would remind her that in Parkland, Florida, a teacher and a coach gave their lives to protect students from death. This is not the exception, at Sandy Hook teachers died in trying to protect their students.

The majority of teachers across the United States and those I know in Ravalli County are extremely committed, not only in providing a strong education to their students, but also insuring the safety and well-being of those in their care.

Also, Manzella’s ratings of 100 percent are from groups that are considered ultra-conservative; some might define them as the radical right. And many in Ravalli County are not supportive of your positions, yet we love the United States and see your positions as destructive to institutions that have contributed to creating a successful nation.

Debate and dissent are fundamental to democratic nations. Your positions on public lands and public education are concerning. These are heritage institutions and have been prized by a majority of Americans who hold views different from yours.

You have maligned a group of people who serve our children, which is shameful for a public official.

Mary Monroe,


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