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Marijuana has many benefits

Marijuana has many benefits


The federal government has been lying about marijuana for 80 years, so it is understandable that many people don’t know about the benefits that it can provide.

Marijuana is a medicinal herb that has been used by people for 5000 years. Marijuana is an anti-inflammatory, it promotes healing, it reduces epileptic seizures, and it may be a cure for cancer. This is a short list of uses; I know a tincture of marijuana in rubbing alcohol reduces pain in my creaky knees.

Some people claim marijuana is a gateway to dangerous drugs. Tobacco and alcohol are the gateway drugs. Over 80,000 people die from alcohol in this country each year and over 400,000 die from tobacco. The grand total of people who have died from smoking marijuana is in the neighborhood of zero. If we want to protect people from dangerous drugs we should outlaw tobacco.

Filling prisons with people for no good reason is stupid and costly. Another of the stupid side effects of the war on marijuana was the demonizing of hemp, because it looked like marijuana. Hemp is a very useful fiber which was once widely grown in this country for making sails and rope.

You can find this information and much more if you care to look.

Don’t vote against marijuana out of fear based on misinformation. It is way past time to stop being stupid about marijuana.

P.S. Make America smart again. Don’t vote Republican!

Stan Frasier,


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