Writing from his cloistered academic perch (Aug. 14), University of Montana psychology professor John Sommers-Flanagan, using a theoretical “security motivation system,” describes “How Trump grows hate.”

Ironically, Sommers-Flanagan uses inappropriate and inaccurate statements to evoke hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters, who do not hate immigrants but oppose criminal activity (64% of federal crimes), drug and human trafficking and the billions in annual cost to American taxpayers to deal with illegal immigration. Wouldn't that money be better spent cleaning up rat-infested inner cities, dealing with the homeless crisis and caring for our own poor families?

Sommers-Flanagan's specious, baseless and irrational claim that Trump's rhetoric motivates mass shooters (none of whom has used an illegal automatic weapon) ignores the fact that most are mentally unstable and are, if anything, anti-Trump.

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Perhaps Sommers-Flanagan should follow his own (Biblical) advice: ”Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Leftists rationalize that hating President Trump is justified, but hate is hate, regardless of the reason. They should heed the Biblical admonition of Jesus to a mob about to stone an adulteress to death: “Let him without sin cast the first stone.”

Philip L. Barney,


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