It's unfair for the Missoulian to keep labeling the mayor and Missoula City Council as "left-leaning."

As a bona fide left-leaner, I guarantee that a mayor and councilpersons frothing at the mouth to inflict a regressive local sales tax upon Missoulians would be drummed out of the local socialist beer and backgammon club.

After all, this mayor and council never met a multimillionaire developer or bank oligopoly they didn't love, both of which they fall all over themselves to offer tax increment financing, even borrowing from banksters the same money then given to the bank, and paying the bank 4% interest.

These are not "leftist" or "progressive" policies. They are regressive neoliberal practices fundamentally against the people's interest that will transfer more wealth from the working class to the 1%.

Abuse of urban renewal by this city government, promoting gentrification, is not "leftist." Neither is repeated lip service to "ending homelessness in Missoula," which has taken the form of letting them freeze to death on undeveloped city property out of sight, out of mind, while maintaining an unconstitutional "anti-loitering" city ordinance.

If Mayor Engen, et al are "left-leaning," then I'm the Abominable Snowman.

J. Kevin Hunt,


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