McConnell blames Democrats while steering money to wealthy

McConnell blames Democrats while steering money to wealthy

Here we continue with Mitch McConnell still blaming Democrats because he can't pass his bailout bill of trillions to help his wealthy corporations so they can keep their many homes and the good stock market.

Instead of using the money to help the working poor and middle class, he continues to support the wealthy and using the fear of this virus and a stimulator to get people to believe it is the other party at fault. "Moscow Mitch" even went home for the weekend instead of pushing hard to get masks and ventilators out.

Donald Trump has refused to do what he can by putting in the Defense Production Act that will immediately make the things we need to fight this virus. He says it is up to the governors to find the stuff.

At this time all the Senate, McConnell and Trump can think about is taking trillions to back their casinos and cruise lines. Don't believe them that they want this money for the little guy. McConnell, who calls himself the "grim reaper," is putting on a big act, as if he cares about the people. He has not shown that for the entire Trump administration.

Kay Gervais,


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