Jim Hanson sent in a letter complaining about how annoying George Ochenski’s Monday Missoulian column is, and I totally agree.

As they said about George Herbert Walker Bush, our 41st president, Ochenski is “beginning to sound a bit shrill.” Ochenski promulgates the false notion that President Trump is solely responsible for all the climate change on planet earth, which is far from the truth.

Read a book called “The Sustainability Secret” by Kip Anderson, published in 2015, available in the Missoula Public Library, which reveals the untold story of how the vast majority of greenhouse gasses do not come from cities and industry but rather off of a vast expanse of farms in the form of methane farts from cattle and other domestic animals. Methane is much worse than carbon dioxide for causation of global warming, although it breaks down sooner.

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This problem is such a gargantuan, unsolvable juggernaut that the climate change wonks won’t address the issue. Can you imagine persuading the human race to quit eating steaks, pork and chicken, or convince ranchers to raise something other than cattle?

Lee Onishuk,


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