The 6-mill levy has been helping college students for the past 70 years by providing funding for Montana’s university systems. November is quickly approaching, however, and with it comes the chance that the support could vanish.

I am a disabled Air Force veteran who is passionate about learning. I am currently taking advantage of my G.I. Bill to acquire a degree in information technology, but if the support of the 6-mill levy is removed from our education system, I may end up having to cover some of those tuition fees myself.

As a disabled veteran, I struggle with simple tasks such as sweeping floors and reaching high shelves; it would be difficult for me to hold down a job and pay for my tuition if the cost of schooling increased beyond my tuition assistance.

I love Montana and her people, and I know we have the capacity to make the best choice for our students. I implore my fellow Montanans to advocate learning and self-betterment by voting for the 6-mill levy in November.

Johnelle DiTonno,


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