Sunday, July 7, I watched a nice 1 1/2 hour piece on Missoula and Montana on C-SPAN2 from 7-8:30 am. On one of C-SPAN's "Cities Tour" episodes, the show featured Missoula history, commerce, the University of Montana, landscapes and authors.

I had seen CSPAN vehicles around Fort Missoula late this spring and wondered at the time when we might have a chance to see Missoula presented on national TV. Many people weren't as lucky as I, because the Missoulian did nothing to alert us to this event. An announcement didn't even make the newspaper's Sunday catchall "Plugged In" section, leaving me to suppose the Missoulian wasn't really plugged in.

Lots of people missed an opportunity to view a good show about our community and state. With a 30% turnover of population every five years, many in the Missoula community could have benefited from learning about its past and present.

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For those that are interested in a re-showing of the program, the C-SPAN website might be of help.

Robert Henderson,


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