The toxic human waste has brought Missoula to its knees and no longer is the University of Montana, my alma mater, a thriving university.

Where no longer can the city function as place to bring your kids up, as I once arrived in 1964. It is a human Superfund site instead.

The "hug a hippie, wink a witch, and jump a junior" campaign has brought the University of Montana down to low attendance and lost jobs. I graduated in 1987 and the attendance was over 11,000 students. It has been low as 9,000 students since then when it should have grown to 20,000 by now.

Missoula is a sick center of the universe. The beautiful daisies have been walked under with the surrounding awesome mountains pounded into submission.

Missoula embraced a mentality since the '60s of "liberal chaos is good and social structure of any kind is bad." I watched it growing up and observed it into my retirement.

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Missoula is not the “center of the universe” but is a blighted rose bud on a sick and dying planet. The LGBTQ culture dooms most gardens from its abundance with insects. The Garden City is such an example.

Having odd parades and nude bike rides can’t help, but becomes a symbol of how the garden grows. I don’t miss this center of the universe as I have moved to my retirement away from the campus of failure. My success is not living in a culture who hugs anything strange and accepts bizarre as a way of life. It is based on what works best. A culture of common sense works best.

Now living in Boise, Idaho, I don’t desire a return to Missoula in retirement and I am not astonished at Missoula’s lost paradise from the use of liberal minds. Missoula no longer is the “center of the universe” for me and is what’s to come for this planet. It’s a place where growing up as a child becomes a lost paradise. The government cannot clean up this site from the toxic human waste, “so ride on, shirtless Missoula.”

Andrew Boydston,

Boise, Idaho

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