Saturday’s Missoulian story (“Locals weigh in on gun law case,” July 13) is a study in trivialization. Even a cursory examination of the amicus brief filed with the Montana Supreme Court in the names of the three local residents reveals the important point; viz., Missoula is battleground central in the national gun control controversy.

On one side stands the Montana Attorney General’s Office, supported by the National Rifle Association, and the Montana Shooting Sports Association as amici curiae. On the other stand Missoula’s city government and Everytown Law, a New York organization that “fights for the right of every American to be free from gun violence.” Our case is featured on Everytown Law’s website.

Now these Missoula citizens have joined the fray as amici on the side of the city government and Everyman Law, their brief prepared by one of Montana’s most prominent attorneys and an attorney from a New York firm. Representing the city and Everytown Law are two attorneys from Boone Karlberg and two Everytown Law lawyers, including their lead attorney.

One must wonder at the astronomical amount of money being spent to defend a very divisive, probably unenforceable local ordinance. Who pays the bills? Why?

Dick Walton,


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