Once upon a time in the kingdom of Missoula, there lurked a dragon. A multi-headed taxing dragon. A money-sucking monster that strikes every six months.

Every two years the insatiable appetite of this valley monster increases, resulting in over-inflated, high property values and the kingdom's “special assessment" add-ons: open space bonds and district improvement measures that the king tells us should make all us happy living here.

The king thought all his subjects would rejoice with all these comforts he has provided. But alas, the serfs cried out, fearing their taxes are too high: our house payments are killing us because of it!

There is a bigger fear gripping the land, coming from our senior citizens who are being squeezed out of their homes. Homes they have spent a lifetime paying for so they could someday have an affordable place to live in after they retire.

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This generation did their best to live within their means. They are being forced out of their homes because property taxes continue to climb in order to pay for a labyrinth of paved bike paths and walking bridges, to name just a couple of expensive tax-eating projects.

Will Stubsten,


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