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Missoulian mailbag

It was amusing to read the (Nov. 26) article interviewing Mayor John Engen when he was surprised to learn after 12 years that property taxes were an issue for the voters.

The mayor and his cohorts on City Council have been spending like drunken sailors in building more government in Missoula. And his surprise at the causes is mind-boggling. Without the help of his former employers at the Missoulian, he would not have beat his challenger.

They should worry less about building a bigger city and take care of the city they have; one full of potholes, gridlock and growing crime. Which of course won't be helped by the re-hiring of University of Montana Coach Bobby Hauck, as well-reported by this paper.

Wake up, Missoula. Your leaders need to quit worrying about climate change, the United Nations and Agenda 21, and serve you, the people.

Ed Kugler,

Big Arm

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