The cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Detroit and Chicago all have some things in common. They all have major issues with homelessness, crime, garbage in the streets and they are all under the control of the Democratic Party — progressives.

I see Missoula headed in the same direction and it is scary. Broadway has already turned into "Bumway," with the homeless making it dangerous to drive the roadway as they are jaywalking all day long. Do you want a homeless person and his stolen shopping cart as a hood ornament? I don’t. They are camping on the island under the Reserve Street bridge. Where do you think they relieve themselves and where do you think it goes in the spring high water? Down the Clark Fork; look out, Frenchtown.

So what is our progressive City Council going to do? Oh, we would not want Republicans and Democrats running for office. The progressives hide under the nonpartisan label.

So, what are you going to do? Does the City Council recognize the problem we have and how bad it can get? Just look at the pictures of L.A. and Seattle and imagine a tent city around the County Courthouse.

Charley Brekjern,


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