Sorry, sports fans, but the term "paddleheads" is neither lunacy nor demeaning to Missoula or anything else. The sordid history of professional baseball in Missoula, from the corrupt financial scandal that surrounded construction of the little jade jewel on the Clark Fork, is demeaning lunacy at its finest.

Looking at it objectively, the title is more than appropriate for a bush league team in a trendy boom town. You see them all day long on the river tethered to those silly little boards.  

Missoula is a boom town with no legs, based mostly on disposable income, a component of American consumer capitalism, which is an IED waiting to detonate. Gross consumption means runaway destruction of earth's life support systems.  

Can it be reversed or have we passed a point of no return for our species and much of life on earth?  

Bill Bakeberg,


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