On July 9, Ward 5’s Julie Armstrong removed herself from this year’s primary race.

Armstrong cited the extra cost to her ward ($10,000), and the extra money she’d need to raise to campaign.

Money is important; of the current council members, Ward 5’s Stacie Anderson raised the most in 2017 ($8,000) while Bryan von Lossberg raised the least ($570 — though he raised over $5,000 in 2013).

For lazy people, money is important. You need it for tons of junk mail, social media spam and fancy printed flyers that go right in the garbage. Money also ensures you don’t have to knock on doors, looking people in the eye and answering their questions.

And let’s not forget the true reason for these primaries: Mayor John Engen’s fear. He’s very afraid that more conservative voices will get elected, putting a stop to his out-of-control, economically devastating agenda.

And trust me — a lot of Missoula homeowners are not happy with Engen or his rubber-stamp City Council. I know this because I’ve knocked on 500 doors so far and people are telling me this.

I’ll knock on over a thousand more before I’m done. If you’re in Ward 4, please consider voting for me. Thanks!

Greg Strandberg,


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