Montana being overrun by people who would ruin it

Montana being overrun by people who would ruin it

Dear readers, has anyone seen Chicken Little? She is alive and well, just watch the news!

Remember, for many years half of this country has been concerned about people with no vaccinations illegally entering this country. Then half the country supports programs to provide health, housing, education, jobs, etc., for these people, which directly affects the entire country.

No, you say? Well, the money spent due to the flooding of people not filling out required documentation is all borrowed money from China. OK, so add in New York and California protecting criminals with sanctuary cities, now crying for government help to fight the coronavirus. Really, is one "disease" worse than the other?

This country has worked hard to immunize, educate, house, feed and protect U.S. citizens to now be overrun on another battlefront. The Democrats must be thrilled.

Perhaps now is the time to enforce all laws regulating a safe and free USA. Now is a good time for California to clean up the needles, feces, tent cities, etc., to set an example of what a concerned state can accomplish.

My reason of concern is that Montana is being overrun by people from many states that have ruined where they come from, only to start destroying Montana as well. Not all people, but too many have changed this state. Look around and realize that Montanans should be looking for other places to move to if this continues.

Back to Chicken Little; keep your good common senses working. This country has had disease outbreaks before but the news media has filled your heads again with "the sky is falling"! Do your part, as the medical people tell us to do. Stay safe, respect others.

Ron Albrecht,


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