Soon we will have a very important election for governor of the state of Montana. The governor's job can not only effect the state of Montana, but the whole country, and even the world by his or her decisions.

He is commander-in-chief of state National Guard and militia forces, can grant pardons, has veto power. He is similar to the president but on a smaller scale.

He can bolster the state;s standing in the world. So we need to choose someone who truly has the experience in government and who cares about keeping our land open to the public and not privatized, who cares about wages, education, health care, etc., and who isn't backed by dark money and special interests often posing as charities.

Two front runners are Greg Gianforte , a millionaire businessman originally from California; and Mike Cooney, a graduate of the University of Montana, lieutenant governor, worked with the Young Men's Christian Association, deputy commissioner of Labor and Industry, Senate president 2007. Raised in Butte.

Tim Fox, Montana's Republican attorney general, is pushing for the gas pipeline through Montana. Whitney Williams, a Democrat, daughter of Pat Williams, is a wildland advocate.

We need to support the one who will keep Montana great.

Joseph Gervais,


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