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You're pretty ignorant if you think Montana has $8 million to use to satisfy the whim of Donald Trump. Try working at 211 and listening to the stories of people who have no place to live, no food, no medical care for themselves or their children. And that's just 211 in one Montana town.

If there was that amount of money to find a use for, it would be better spent on the people who live here and are trying to survive. How about some funding to try and solve the opioid addiction problem? And I didn't even mention the old people, of whom I am one.

It's harder and harder to make it through the month with the rising prices of everything. Trump needs to look in his own wallet to fund this wall he's so adamant in ranting about, not take money from people who don't have it to give. He and his 1 percent cronies probably wouldn't even miss that amount.

Donna Warren,

East Missoula

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