From a July 8, article in CNBC it was stated “As of July 8 … the administration had not nominated anyone for 138 positions requiring Senate confirmation, with nine more awaiting nominations. An additional 115 have been nominated and are awaiting confirmation.” And the new and very questionable nomination to head of the BLM, William Pendleton, is being engineered to avoid any Senate confirmation. For all of you Republicans out there, why are you so fearful of debate? You are a law and order party — right? You also state your patriotism, minute by minute. The founders of the country, who were patriotic we can agree, did not avoid debate, to the best of my recollection. Would they approve of this approach? We have many questionably vetted people in vital roles. The former “Apprentice” actor has a very bad track record finding competent people. Those few who are, quickly leave. There is an obvious problem with having anyone, somewhat normal, willing to work for the administration. We are are in danger at home and abroad with the lack of good people in very important government positions.

Erwin Curry,


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