I became disillusioned with liberal philosophy, whatever that means, attempting to be an open-minded citizen with belief in benevolence and equity, yet also adherence to some commonly shared, evenly enforced laws. So, in spite of the fact that I am a direct descendant of John F. Kennedy, from a staunchly Democratic family, whose grandfather was the chairman of the Montana Democratic Party in the '50s and the mayor of Townsend in the '60s, I decided I needed to try to become a Republican.

I like Donald Trump (whom I call “Larry”) for his honesty and his hyperbolic voice that rises above the phony politically correct din, which few can substantively argue against, since he speaks the “American Dream.”

So, I tried to be a Republican. I connected with the director of the Republican Central Committee of Missoula County regarding my vision, which I believe had a freshness and passion, somewhat different than their group. I helped man their booth at the Western Montana Fair. On the whole, it was a positive experience. I didn’t attend the gun show, as I do not like them. I went to the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner. It was a little stilted, but the food was tasty. I love to sing, learned to do so at church and I belted out the National Anthem after the pledge at the outset with the best of them.

Anyway, I am disappointed. Although I am vastly different from these heavily connected power brokers of our community, I bonded with them, as I am human. I volunteered for their homecoming committee and spent several hours of my valuable time planning the float. They warned me that the candidates rarely participate in planning but show up at the last minute with their decorated trucks and their family to celebrate the day and their family. I expressed concern that the planning committee should formulate a vision regarding the party as a whole, which makes an impact on attendees, something that provides the candidates with a backdrop that showcases them within the party’s message. I thought they heard me.

I was injured on Sunday; bad fall on the ice in Hot Springs, head injury, broken and sprained hand, you name it. I regretfully told my committee that I could not help to decorate the float that I thought we had planned. The other two committee members offered their thanks and condolences.

Yesterday, I noticed that I was healing better than expected and read a desperate plea from the committee leader and the director, that nobody had responded; they had no political signs and almost no participants. I jumped into action and said that given their plight, I would show up to help no matter what. I ran around, purchased the necessary materials to flesh out our vision and returned home to confirm that I would show up Saturday morning early to decorate the float. I was told harshly that none of what I had done was necessary; candidates were showing up in droves and people I don’t know had done things outside of the committee to negate what we had planned.

They had previously planned a Trump presence, a masked individual in a limo with Secret Service men. The candidates, undoubtedly in light of the Ukraine controversy, said yesterday that they did not want Trump associated with their presence in the parade. I told them that I must opt out. An hour prior, I had told them that I can’t participate in a party whose candidates don’t commit to participation, and also won’t endorse or be associated with their party’s president and candidate.

Trump is terribly astute, and I believe he has extensively studied the American constitution and law. I believe he made the Ukrainian call to make a statement, knowing they cannot prosecute or impeach him without quid pro quo. His relationship with friends at the Ukraine has vastly improved under his leadership. He merely called a friend in the Ukraine and asked some questions, his right as an American citizen who happens to be the president.

Happy Homecoming! Enjoy the parade.

Tami Williams,


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