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Jan. 1 was the 25th anniversary of when President Bill Clinton's biggest mistake, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), went into effect, Jan. 1, 1994. 

Journalist I.F. Stone wrote that all government tell lies, and Slick Willy told us that NAFTA would bring jobs to Americans. What a dissembler! NAFTA really eliminated lots of good-paying American union jobs to give $3-an-hour jobs to Mexico. 

Liberal pundit Chris Hedges calls Clinton the "poster child" for the foe liberal class. Clinton did us great damage under the rubric of democratic liberalism, such as boosting the U.S. prison population to 2 million inmates with the Omnibus Crime Bill, incarcerating many people who shouldn't have been. He gutted our welfare system, and caused many people to go hungry, with the Welfare Reform Act. He caused huge national financial problems by abolishing the 1932-1933 Glass-Steagall Act, which provided a buffer between investment banks and securities firms. 

Democratic freedoms that common people have gained came from slugging it out in tough, heartbreaking activism. If we lose our vigilance and will to fight, the power elites will fight dirty and take it all back. As the old saw goes, "Freedom doesn't come for free." 

Lee Onishuk,


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