And now we have a new war in sight. It is Iran. Seventeen years, more than 2,000 brave persons killed and billions of dollars spent on defense is not enough for our rich American persons and businesses.

We can be proud and supportive of our soldiers and how they have helped to keep us safe. Our troops have not killed nor destroyed any more than they needed to in order to win defenses and actually attempt to liberate and protect persons.

However, we are being lied to again about Iran’s activities. How many times has the Defense Department and high government officials told us that a war is necessary? We are only being led down the path of more debt for all taxpayers for generations to come while making the rich richer. How sick are some Americans?

And now Donald Trump says that he is making up for not serving in “that war” (Vietnam) by giving more of our money to support the military.

Trump is only giving more money to his rich friends and driving us further into debt.

Patricia E. Waylett,


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