Our media, in its frenzy to put out news 24/7, has fallen into a habit of reporting personal interviews and panel discussions endlessly. These interviews and panel discussions are so relentless that we, the people, who are watching, listening and absorbing all this, are also being subjected to poll upon poll. Where is this all leading?

We are all human. We are all vulnerable. We all can be swayed in our opinions simply by others relentlessly expressed points of view rather than working out our own decision-making process. Why make the effort to work out my own thoughtful opinion when someone will do the work for me?

Case in point: Donald Trump's lies, misstatements, personal attacks and endless misguided rhetoric in front of the cameras. He holds his "base" hostage with this tactic. And he holds the GOP elected legislators hostage to reelection fears because of this strong "Trump base."

The United States of America is presently a very divided nation. We are divided, not by a healthy democratic process aimed at sensible resolution, but rather by fear, greed, anger and political stagnation. It is time to wake up!

Bob McClellan,


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