Conflicted, yes, I guess that is what I am: conflicted about so-called global warming. Now, not that I think it is fact.

We are told by the media that 97% of the world's scientists agree that CO2 is at fault for global warming. Here is where I am conflicted: in fact, there has never been a survey of the world’s 2 million-plus scientists on anything. To be a scientific assessment, it should be comprehensive, objective, transparent and empirical, studied and independent.

Some studies begin with an end in sight, so the studies most often result in the answer they started with. That is a corruption of science. That is not true science. And science is never determined by a vote. It is now a political mindset, and those brave scientists who may disagree frequently find themselves out of a job and shunned by academia.

Many honest people choose to believe in global warming; however, millions do not accept that there is “proof.” Before we jump on this dangerous bandwagon, let us see some actual proof.

Patricia Lamb,


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