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Matt Rosendale is an outspoken supporter of pro-life and the Second Amendment. Rosendale is a longtime Montana resident who has been elected to office on at least three previous occasions since 2010 and was elected by his peers to serve as majority leader of Montana's Senate as well.

Rosendale has not risen in his political life by attacking others, like his opponent Jon Tester. Rosendale has succeeded on his own merits because he knows how to make good things happen, and works very well with his Montana like-minded colleagues. Tester was very questionably elected to office in 2006 and 2012 with late-arriving ballots from Indian reservations that had polling precincts on federal trust land.

When the primary duty of the secretary of state is to ensure fair elections, it is unconscionable that elected officials like Tester know how to take advantage of a severely questionable tribal vote, challenged in Montana courts in 2007. This unfair practice has kept Tester in office far too long.

We need Matt Rosendale to join the Trump team and continue making America great again!

Sheila Vallejo,

St. Ignatius

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