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Missoula’s sidewalk plan is causing pain. I have a section of street-front the city never bothered to put a sidewalk in, in a 100-year-old neighborhood.

Making individual homeowners pay is wrong. Many in my neighborhood, including myself, are retired or disabled and on fixed incomes. The onslaught of bond issues keeps piling onto our mortgages, threatening to force us out. We’re already paying for the overdue, poorly built new Willard School. I have no children yet I pay my share because education is a public good. Similarly, all Missoula residents should pay for sidewalks and curbs because it is a public good.

It’s a lie to say we’ll get it back when we sell our houses. What if we don’t want to sell? A new lien will eliminate mortgage refinancing. Or when we do try to sell, the City takes $30,000 right off the sale price.

Wrong. Fix it.

Mike Bader,


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