Identifying and addressing the root cause of our present dangerous political divisiveness is essential, in my opinion. I think the root cause of our national divisiveness is grounded in a rather common yet dangerous human response to problems.

In living our lives there are always problems. Often the human reaction to these life-problems involves fear, getting angry and casting blame away from ourselves.

For three years now we have listened to our current president's rhetoric and watched his behavior. He clearly personally demonstrates anger, attack, fear and constant blaming of others. Donald Trump's mannerisms have resonated with a large group of people who are inclined to address their own personal problems as Trump does. It is like we have a third party emerging: "The Trump Party." This has almost paralyzed what we know as the GOP.

Having identified the source of our divisiveness, what do we do about it? Donald Trump's brand of Republicanism leadership has drawn a following in size, fervor and scope bordering on revolution.

It is my firm belief that we immediately need total public recognition of this. We need media and public discussions with ideas for sensible solutions to this democracy-destroying movement. Time is of the essence. We need action now.

Bob McClellan,


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