I will now attempt to explain the philosophy of neoliberalism and afterwards a small piece of my soul will die.

This is the philosophy that both parties in our political system follow. Yes, boys and girls, there is only one corporate party but it has two names so you feel like you have a choice. It is hard to believe that people still vote for greasy politicians who represent this amoral and truly grotesque philosophy.

In a nutshell, neoliberalism is putting corporate profit over people. Say a country wants to nationalize its oil production; the government will invade that country in the name of oil profits. Of course the CIA will create some false flag operations so Congress has some cover when they declare war. If we do not go to war, how are the defense contractors going to profit? We have to drop bombs or they will be idle.

Neoliberalism doesn't care if you live of die. If you can't afford health insurance, die. If you can't afford meds, die. We will pollute your air, water and food supply, die. We will dump carbon into the atmosphere until we all die. We deserve what we vote for.

Frans Swier,


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