There is new information coming forth which presents a clear vision for America. I invite you to read the following and be inspired, as I have been.

There is a new book just released by Stanley B. Greenberg. The book is: "R.I.P. G.O.P.: How the new America is dooming the Republicans."

First off, we must be clear about our present Republican Party. I quote from information on this book and about Greenberg.

"Greenberg, a leading pollster and advisor to America's most important figures explains why the Republicans will crash in 2020.

"For decades the GOP has seen itself in an uncompromising struggle against a New America that is increasingly secular, racially diverse, and fueled by immigration. It has fought non-traditional family structures, ripped huge holes in the social safety net, tried to stop women from being independent, and pitted aging rural Evangelicals against the younger, more dynamic cities.

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"Since the 2010 election put the Tea Party in control of the GOP, the party has condemned America to years of fury, polarization and broken government. The election of Donald Trump enabled the Republicans to make things even worse. All seemed lost."

And finally this short quote by Peter Wenner from Facebook: "Accepting the truth about Trump's mental state will cause us to take more seriously than we have our democratic duty, which is to prevent a psychologically and morally unfit person from continuing as president."

I am taking all of this quoted material seriously. How about you?

Bob McClellan,


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