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Congressman Greg Gianforte and U.S. Sen. Steve Daines have introduced a bill to open 800,000 acres of our most cherished public lands for development, despite the fact that the majority of the citizens oppose it.

I've put some new words to a beloved folk song and I don't think Woody Guthrie would mind at all. I hope everybody sings this song and it reverberates clear to Washington, D.C.

"This land is your land, this land is my land, from the Yellowstone to Wild Horse Island, from the Bitterroot Mountains to the Missouri headwaters, this land belongs to you and me.

"As I was walking the Bob Marshall this fall, l saw above me the great Chinese Wall, I saw below me the Blackfoot river. This land belongs to you and me. I've roamed and I've rambled and followed my footsteps from the Great Burn cedars to the Centennial Mountains. I've hiked these wild lands, drank from bubbling fountains. This land belongs to you and me.

"As the sun was shining and I was strolling through Bitter Creek with the prairie grass rolling, I could feel inside me and all around me, this land belongs to you and me. Public land belongs to you and me."

Marjorie Harper,


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