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I disagree with the premise of Eve Byron's (June 8) article, "How firefighters gambled and lost the Sperry Chalet."

As a former Whitefish resident, I spent a considerable amount of time in the park, and it is disappointing to lose this building. However, I have known firefighters who have been killed protecting structures, and want to reiterate that life is more important than a building, however historic or expensive.

If you build something in the woods, there is an implied risk that it might burn in a forest fire. While firefighting seems like a simple endeavor (cut a line and burn out the fuel), the reality is that can be extremely complex in emerging situations.

I wasn't on this fire, I don't know the specifics, nor do do I speak for the U.S. Forest Service, but blaming the firefighters on the ground continues a common thread in both federal investigations and media reportage. I am disappointed that this article perpetuates that theme.

Chandler Melton,

Wenatchee, Washington

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