Having read the letter from Ron "Rondo" Scharfe (June 4) regarding disrespectful freeloaders on the Memorial Day Courthouse lawn, a response is appropriate.

Rondo is a true American patriot who served in combat at the battle of Iwo Jima and also served at great risk for over two decades as a fireman in Chicago. He is part of the Greatest Generation in which my father served in the Army Air Corps; his two brothers also served in World War II and my mother served in Naval Intelligence.

I recently saw a millennial college student tell an ex-Navy SEAL, who is a freshman congressman, his service in Iraq was a disgrace to his country.

These patriots are why we did not come under German and Japanese influence and why we are a sovereign country with necessary borders.

What is a disgrace is those who support open borders. We have been protected because of those who have served.

Since the Revolutionary War, patriots have shed their blood and lost their lives with a willingness to serve on behalf of the rest of us.

Thank you to those who have served so that the previously mentioned college student has not and will not have to, because others have volunteered to do so.

J. Hughes,


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