It’s 50 years since men first walked on the moon. I watched the first moon walk on TV in 1969.

The first moon landing was the Apollo 11 mission and the final moon land was Apollo 17. Apollo 13 had an accident and the astronauts were very lucky to make it back home. So, obviously there were six manned moon landings. Apollo 15 took the lunar rover, the moon automobile — what an innovation!

Back in the days of NASA’s moon launches, people complained about the expense of it. Along with the cost of the Vietnam War, the American taxpayers were stressed. Many Americans lived in wretched poverty and lots of earthly problems needed attention and funds.

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on space programs. It’s great and wonderful to explore the cosmos but there’s no place we can reach that’s as beautiful as earth.

One day, Dad and I were fishing on the Clark Fork and we discussed the space program. Dad said, “See that mayfly on the water? That mayfly is more wonderful and complex than any spacecraft that can be built.”

That’s because the mayfly was designed by the best: God.

Lee Onishuk,


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