A mostly serious observation about the detestable new appellation for Missoula's baseball team, the formerly well-named Osprey:

Have the new owners considered the monetary effect that renaming their team the "PaddleHeads" will have on local support and attendance? I am talking about your all-important bottom line here.

I cannot speak for all Missoula sports fans, of course. But be assured that I, for one, will never pay good money to watch something called the "PaddleHeads" fumble their way around a baseball field. 

And, listen up: I will not be buying your appallingly overpriced beer and hot dogs, either.

You must keep the fine "Osprey" name or else find another, less absurd label for our baseball team. (Just imagine the uproar if every new University of Montana president thought she or he should find a substitute for "Grizzlies"!)

Again: I will not hand over a single one of my dollars to attend any contest involving a "PaddleHead." (Unless, maybe, to root for the other team.)

What were you thinking? Even "PoodleButts" would have been better.

John Russell,


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